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  • Thank you so much! I'll add those areas. P-town is great, but I wouldn't want to live there tbh. I get a better feel in the areas like Chatham. If you do find anything out, please let me know!
    We used to go to the same house every year to the point that the owner offered it to us for 30k ...this was about 1980ish if not before n my dad wanted it so badly but my mother refused apparently, so they let it go. it's worth over 2 mil now..ugh! Lol can you ask your friend n uncle if there are better areas to look in Harwich and surrounding areas near Chatham then others? We rly want o move up there but obviously don't want to live in a a bad part of it. But i want that chatham feel if that makes any sense...I am so incredibly happy when Im in The's just
    Where in the Cape do you go? I've been going to Chatham since I was 3. It is one of my most favorite places in the world. We took Brie there in June and she just loved it. i cant wait to go back again. We are actually looking into moving up there but prolly more around the Harwich area as buying in Chatham is insane!
    When we started Vegas on it....we went from 1 cup twice daily of kibble to 1/2 cup twice daily of kibble. We also cut out all treats and only gave him frozen green beans. He absolutely loves loves loves green this was okay with him. The stew....give her what ever her little heart desires. We started out with 1 cup warmed up....but sometimes would give him another. But we always kept the amount of kibble the same. Good luck!
    I don't have any thing to say but :hiya: So :hiya: I'm gonna go spred the same love with someone else now. :laugh:

    Oh have :sunny: day....
    :birthday: To You :birthday: To You :birthday: Dear Melissa :birthday: To You .... I baked you this cyber birthday :cake2: and we can have some :icecream: to make your day special :) Hope you have a great day!!!
    Thanks for the St paddy award. I have been dying for it to come out. I asked Lisa to make one, lol!!
    Just saw your user tittle and Im jealous. I was supposed to go to bonnaroo every year for the past 5 years and missed it due to some major catastrophe or another . Enjoy!
    Oh awesome I will have to check there, this box has around 220 cookies in it so should be set for a little bit but when its empty will be nice to know where to find more, the dogs really love em!
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