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  • I'll take it! Lol I'm originally from up north - NYC but I'm living South in Georgia and it gets hotter then I'd like. So this past winter was such a treat for me. Canada is beautiful. I had a cat when I was much younger we had to out down cos it had a tumor growing into his grain. Loki was my first dog for 15 yrs and having to make the decision based on her being old etc was just heart breaking. I do hoe I gave her a wonderful life tho. Brie is 1 yr n 4 mos...I'm still getting used to the fragile bully stuff. So funny how they are so sturdy yet have so many frikkn issues. Hopefully we will both get a handle on these allergies!
    I'm ok, still trying to move passed having to say goodbye to my 15 yo Shiba Inu, but it takes time. Brie is doing pretty well w the limited ing zignature and Apoquel for her allergies. I'm w you..paws crossed it stays at bay. She is about 40 pounds and 1 year n almost 4 mos now. They grow so fast! No more snow here sadly. It's getting warmer..booo. I like snow! Lol
    you are so right, never hurts to ask at all, and if you ever have any question at all, don't ever hesitate either :)
    Oh no! Sadly no, I do not believe there is any way to reverse it. I have done it once before myself and almost done it many times on tapatalk too. Very sorry! :(
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