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  • I switched Blue for similar reasons. Watery eyes, itching, and paw licking. I'm doing Stella and Chewy's freeze Dried Raw Beef. We just did the switch this past Saturday so too soon to tell yet. Thing is, I switched him cold turkey, no transition. Not smart of me. He's thrown up a few times and a little backed up. Hopefully it'll clear up soon.
    Haha I am soooo watching the clock!! She is 8 weeks old so she is just a cute little butterball haha. I named her AJ (my daughters idea since she watched wrestling with her brothers on TV and AJ is the women divas champion) and she is going to be super spoiled :D Pics will be coming later that's for sure. I find myself looking at all the bully pics on this site and I am just amazed how beautiful each and every one is. You all are amazing people!! :) thank you all for making me feel so welcomed!!!
    Maybe try some regular blankets first? (and watch her like a hawk!) LOL

    Sooooo glad she is acting normal today. What a relief!!!! :whew:
    :hiya: He's ok.. getting use to his new Raw food.
    How are you doing? Hope everything's ok?
    And yeah, I totally get the "life has to be dealt with"
    I feel very welcomed here already and I am so glad for all of the support :) she gets here by 3:30 pm so I will post up pics later tonight :) xoxo!!
    Yes she may even like it better, especially in the summer. Maybe you can give her some test runs where you are around to check on her to make sure she is not eating the next one. Not wanting to eat, upset tummy, vomit or diarrhea are what to watch for.
    I know that feeling! I have two that cannot have beds! Hope she didn't eat any of it. Sorry to hear about your uncle :(
    I'll be thinking of you, hopefully, no matter which way, it will be an understanding between you both with no ill feelings, it will probably be different that it is now when you are face to face..... When do you leave again?
    Thanks, yours too!!! Nothing cuter than bullies and kiddos!

    Paws crossed she lets her stay then, you have to take full advantage of that first night and hope for the best!
    Well crapola, I was hoping she was better by now. Do you think she is going to need another surgery?

    My big bro is in town, getting ready to eat some fish fry :gimmefood:, he just got in late last night. Haven't seen him in years. I won't be on much this week as he is going to be here 10 days. He's so sweet with my kids and is crazy about my bullies.
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