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  • I found out after the name that it is very popular ;o) Thanks your baby is super cute too :eek:)
    He's due to come off the steroids today..I was going to call the vet today and tell him it looks like its all cleared up because from last Tuesday up until last night he has looked perfect..with the hair growing back and no sign of any redness or bumps....then last night I noticed a spot on his head that is becoming red ...nowhere near as bad as what he had but Im paranoid it might be coming back...Im hoping its not..Thank you for asking!
    I did get your reply and usually respond but I seem to be losing
    some of my posts to EBN, not sure if it's my computer or the site?

    Thank you for such kind & comforting words to me, it helps more
    than you can you & glad y'all joined us!
    The two boys are great, lol, have had a lot to deal with, Rambo wasn't potty trained when I got him, interestingly enough, he's gotten very vocal about his outside time lol. Rocky is just as meek and mild as Always, usually researching cases for clients online. Thanks for checking on us, I keep trying so hard to acclimate them both to cat's, but their just not having it due to their law practiceā€¦ā€¦ Hope your weekend is going great also, i know its almost over, how the time flies when were having fun !! :yes:
    Don't bother trying. The flash software the arcade uses isn't compatible with the I-phone or I-pads or Android technology. :down:
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