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  • What can I say, he's just too stinkin' cute, I had to use my other app and really make him festive. Hope your GF likes. :christmas23:

    :snowballfight: SPLAT!! You have been hit with a snowball!!! Pass it on to 5 people, but you can't hit the one that hit you!!
    You're very welcome. I've had fun doing many of these. Some were very detailed as I had to the time to do them. There's a Christmas Avatar pic post in the General Bulldog section where they are all. Thanks for the friend request too. I can put a larger hat on him if you like too. :christmas18:
    Lol u will find ur phone filling up rapidly with photos u can post of little luca :) I just cleared mine bcuz my phone started freezing up lol!!! I know exactly what ur going through omg I wanted to run away n hide when porky was a baby she was so vicious :'( but right this second she is sitting in my lap with her head on my shoulder snoring in my ear :D n thinking back it was all worth it for this :) talk Davidh I think is his name on here he breeds bulldogs I think lol so he may be one of the best ppl to talk to with pup issues!!!
    Omg he is beautiful :) welcome to EBN the ppl on here r incredible n will help u with ne thing u may need!!!!! Lol I understand the issues with an iPhone lol but they have an app tap2talk I think......I've heard it's much easier to navigate with that (I'm waiting for my Christmas iTunes card to get it lol) keep ur sanity through the puppy stage bcuz bullies r definately worth it ;)
    Thanks Becky. Still trying to navigate the site. Already posted some forum threads as I am in great need of advice for handling Luca. He's being a little nasty boy with us :)
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