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  • jETS WERE TERRIBLE! I dont know why I torture myself following that team. I went to vegas for the first time last week and bet the Jets. For once they actually came through. I actually thought the Jets were going to win yesterday..jeez. Ah so now I understand why youre a Pats fan lol!
    :halloween12: You have been hit by a Trick or Treater!! Pass it on to 5 people but you cant return it to the one that tricked you!! :halloween17:
    Ditto, but only a few knit on here, lol. Otherwise they wouldn't have tolerated my smart *** on here for so long
    I saw them with bad brains way back. And of course some straight edge, Uniform choice. Oh, and Suicidal tendencies, which shojld be every punks theme song, Institutionalized.
    "All wanted was a pepsi. Just one pepsi" lol
    I saw Exploited many moons ago in San Diego, GBH in Chicago while I was in the Navy. I met Bad Brains in Tijuana while they were getting out of their van, which reminded my of Spicoli in Fast Times if you get my drift, lol. I was 8 months pregnant and so they dedicated Sacred Love to me. I saw The Misfits up here a couple years and was lucky enough to go with my son. We had a blast. I never went in the pit since it was just a way for the guys to grope you but I loved being right on the edge pushing people back in. I think one of my all time favorites is Murphys Law, isn't that a New York band? you guys had some crazy bands out of there
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