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  • :tricktreat:You have been hit by a Trick or Treater!! Pass it on to 5 people but you can't return it to the one that tricked you!!
    Hello just stopping by to say hello... How are things with you and your family... our's is getting bigger lol...
    Poor baby boy! I'm sorry :( I have pneumonia too; supposed to be on bedrest, but you know how it is when you're the mom! I hope your baby gets rid of this quick and for good. Aldo and Katara attacked my oldest daughter. After training and close observation we came to the conclusion Aldo is who starts and Kat follows. We are working with him to get him desensitized to the girls playing, running and screaming whichi is what sets him off. We were very lucky everything was superficial! Thank you for asking!
    Just wanted to say THANKS for all your posts on my threads!! When was Macy born? I think she might be the same age as A and K..
    Happy Tuesday evening! I've been sick for 5 days now. I'm tired of being tired! i'm tired of being at home, feeling all couped up inside and not having the motivation or energy to do anything too constructive. I hope to go back to work tomorrow. I just downed some Nyquil so we'll see! Hope u r enjoying your evening :)
    Hi , she got spayed last week..... And when we took Bonez to the vets a few days before we got told she has a tight corkscrew tail ..... So to make it a bit more comfortable for her she needs an op. she has yeast up under her tail and in the summer she will uncomfortable.... Just one thing after another since we moved here. Lol
    It's not looking happy today, but your message made a big difference! THANK YOU AND HAPPY MONDAY TO YOU TOO!
    Funny thing was when we took them for a walk , Bonez went to the bathroom. Well Dana ended up having to pull out a string of stuffing !, bit disgusting to say the least ! So now no more stuffing filled toys, the skunks are the only soft toys they have lol... The go crazy when the see the treat box, I had just changed them over to that brand food.everything was a big hit x x
    Thank you for your message and we hope you had a very nice Christmas too!
    Happy Bully New Year!
    Hi there! Thanks for the Merry Christmas. I hope yours was wonderful! Have a great day. :D
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