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  • :snowballfight: SPLAT!! You have been hit with a snowball!!! Pass it on to 5 people, but you can't hit the one that hit you!!!
    fingers and toes are crossed for a answer and easy fix for the pupper's. Things are ok here, nothing major , it's always something though, a little tummy ache here or there. Just a everyday things. Expressing anal glands every week for Griz. Nothing a rubber glove ,paper towel and ky won't fix. Oh yeah, Benedryl is our friend. I am dumbfounded by the trouble and lack of symptoms you have been dealing with. Good Luck and sending more prayers for answers and cures.
    for heavens sake. that is some kind of bug, huh, you poor thing, got to be tough all the way round. how are the puppers holding up?
    no problem, love the new pics. Watson's birthday is coming up on the 25th. I don't know what special treatment to grant him :ROFL:
    Hi, Thank you so much... i must say Schultz is beautiful.... We havent been into Cleveland yet.... just drove past on the way to the falls.... but it is one of the places we want to visit.
    The bulldog "Chilli" of a friend suddenly reacted allergically of many plants. She got medicines produced specially for her case.It helped completly. If you want to know the procedere exactly, than I will ask this friend to mail it to you; her English is nearly perfekt.
    Homeopathic treatment is based on a very different system of experiences than the traditional western medicine. I will look for some literature in English about this, when I am back home, ok?
    I would like to meet you in september too. We will see :) Namaste
    Do you have any Vet (close to your home) who has experiences with homeopathic treatment? Systemically induced problems often cannot be healed by Cortison ect. But there is a great chance to be cured by homeopathic medicine. In september I will be in South Dakota, if you want I can send you from there (it would be much easier as to send it from Germany) a special homeopathic medicine for skin problems. We here in Germany have made the very best experiences with it. Namaste

    PS: Yes, I will post some pics of the lovley puppies :)
    IĀ“m very sorry you got this Herpes (chicken pox) infection! Is it very itching you ? May be you got this "break" in your daily work, bedcause you need it.
    I think your immun system will become strong again in some days. Namaste :)
    How are you and Schultz?
    For 2 weeks IĀ“m staying with my friend Rafaela, who has newborn puppys, which are "grandchildren" of my Frieda. I enjoy this time very much!!!! Namaste.
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