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  • Aww thanks :) So is your Beau! How old? Mia is now 10 weeks old. She was so small when we got her (9 lbs @ 8 1/2 weeks) but I swear she's already gained about 4 or 5 lbs! Such characters arent' they ?? :)
    Awe thank you!! We love our baby. She cracks us up everyday. I'm horrible. She goes everywhere with me! Still new trying to figure this site out. It's amazing for advice, bulldog quirks, and a fun little community!
    Oh, Beau is such a cutie pie. And thanks for your concern, Angus recovered from his surgery, and now we are fighting against his allergy. One good thing about Angus is, even though he had two surgeries from the same clinic, it didn't stop him to go to see the vet and his assistants again. Last time when we had to travel to Kansas City Animal Hospital for his big surgery, when we came back, he was really mad at us. First of all, he didn't want to get into the car, then, for three hours driving, he was standing there, turn his face to the window and ignored us. When we got home, he walked away, we had to soft talk to him, a lot of huggings ...
    Just thought I'd stop on in. Nice colors here too and picture of Beau. Nice to see your page spruced up. :D
    hi , welcome to ebn......you will love it here...so many nice people and so much useful info !
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