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  • Hi how are you and kora, you have been hit by a trick or treat pass it on to 5 people but not to the one who hit you!:tricktreat:
    Hi yes it is a small world! Lol! I can't help you with info on uploading pics because I havent figured it out yet either! Sorry your pUppy peed on your bed! Lol!
    I love your pics. We moved to ct 4 yrs ago from plymouth ma! Happy memorial day! If you need a vet dr mickenzie at south shore vca in weymouth took great care of my bullies!
    Same here, I'm still learning how to navigate this site. ;) Thanks for adding me as a friend. I can't wait to see more pics of Kora as she grows!
    Does anyone know how I can start a thread or question board? I do have a question about a mark on Lora's chin
    Thank you for the picture comments... yes, two are much more fun than one, but as in any relationship, they had there moments! Also, yes, Nitschke's tongue was hardly ever in... was always out.
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