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  • Thank you for your sweet msg...Where ya been, Hun...have missed you!

    Everything going okay w/ you & yours? I'm always here to listen :yes:
    Hey there! So good to see you. Would you believe I was thinking about you just this morning wondering where'd you've been? :D Hope all is well wtih you and the kiddos.
    Dear Ann, I am touched by your gift but more so, for all your caring, supportive words
    encouraging me as I struggled with Stuart's death in August.

    Without you and other caring EBN'ers, I would not be doing so
    well...I really wouldn't.

    Blessings on you,my dear & good friend! :icecream:
    :snowballfight: SPLAT!! I'm sure I'm going to get plenty of snow in Ohio .. so thought I'd share!!! Now pass it on to 5 people but you can't get me, cos I got you!!!!
    Hi Ann! I saw your message on the other forum post! Yes, I was referring to O'Learys! I would love to meet up with you and Dublin! We bring Bogey home next week, and as soon as he is adjusted and had all his immunizations, I will have him with me always!! I think it was my breeder that told me about someone who lives in sarasota, has a shop and brings their EBD to work and also goes boating with him. Is that you? I noticed the boating pics! I think she said he was one of her pups. Anyway, looking forward to meeting you and keeping in touch here! What a. Great site! Dublin is adorable!!
    :snowballfight: SNOW BALL FIGHT!!!!!!!! Smack 5 other people with one, but you can't hit me since I hit you!!!
    Ann, You are talking NEXT Saturday the 17th right? I can't this weekend, I have to get shots in both my feet (arthritis, bad) this Friday and stay off my feet as much as possible for the whole weekend. Get with Cassie @bubbaisapig that lives in Sarasota and let me know. I can do early afternoon to meet with you, We can meet at her house since she has a fenced yard or here, let me know. Looking forward to it!
    My fiance Brad (Bo's daddy) is a big fan of Hank Williams and his son Hank Williams Jr., the country singers.... Hank Williams Jr's nickname given to him by his father was Bocephus.... So that's where we came up with his name. I can imagine that the squishy face does pose problems, its a shame though, since its so darn cute.
    Just wanted to tell you how cute your Dublin is (like you didn't already know)!!! I love squishy faces!!
    Oh I totally understand having to wait. I’ve heard that the adoption process is quite mind boggling….may be worse than a human adoption. The real estate market has been a tough one that’s for sure. That’s wonderful that you’ve been approved though.

    Don’t even be embarrassed about asking. You have no idea how long it took me to figure out some of the cool functions here. Go to the tab that says “Bully Market” then select “Give a Gift.” You’ll see all kinds of emoticons.

    On the left hand side you’ll see a section that says where you can change your title, username, posts and thread colors – it’s pretty slick. That’s how my name is in color and my post titles are too.

    Now give it a try and send me a gift…..:laugh:
    Hey lady! I was just thinking about you yesterday wondering where you've been or if I had just been missing you on the boards. Have a great day! Did you get another bully yet? :)
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