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  • My two boys are 28 and 23 so not so much playing but definitely loving on Mia. As far as Mia playing with the pups, not yet. We are still working with a trainer but we are about to switch to a behavioral trainer from NC State university thats near by at a cost of almost $1,000. which I will gladly pay in hopes of them all getting along. It is no fun keeping them separated but will not allow any of them to get hurt by one another.
    Good morning dieMuttivonBifi

    I must apologize for not answering your question about how Mia is doing. I saw it the other day and meant to reply to you and must of gotten distracted and complete forgot about it.

    We had Mia at the vet. last Wednesday to have all of the staples removed from her belly. There was a little bit of infection on the incision so the DR cleaned the area up and i have been keeping an eye on it since.
    She is getting pretty comfortable living here now to the point where she now lets me hold her eyes open when giving her two eye medication eye drops.

    Hope your doing well!

    YESā€¦ let him rest, and you rest too!!! No reason to stress outā€¦ it will all be okay!!! :assurred:
    STOP IT!!! You are a wonderful bully momma, and I don't want you to worry about thisā€¦ I'm just thinking out loud, if Bifi is resting comfortably it sounds like your vet is on the right track. Honestly think how LONG it takes humans to get over strep or sore throatā€¦ it's not something that heals up overnight.
    Oh Honey, I apologize and please know, you do not sound
    defensive at all. We just weren't getting what you were
    trying to tell us and all of us got stuck on the over heating
    thang. We lose so many bullies due to this issue so guess
    we are paranoid! Bifi has throat irritation, just read your
    update (thank you) so I will pray the cause is found and
    even if not, the Vet's actions fix dear Bifi right up :)
    Im feeling bad now because theres so much stuff you cant get there. Do you have any family in the states?
    Hello dieMuttivonBifi

    You asked >how are Bella and Dozer taking to Mia and vice versa? so happy how this all turned out. such a sweet happy end to Mia's journey .

    When I got home with Mia I had the wife and boys outside waiting for me and Mia with the two pups on leash and we tried to go for a walk. Bella want up to Mia in a playful manner but Mia did not care for any of that and tried to bite bella. Mia was used for just breeding and is not socialize at all so we are keeping them separated for now. I feel we need Mia to get comfortable with her new home before we get a trainer to work with her and the pups. Maybe in two to four weeks we hope as it is not easy keeping them apart.
    I guess it is the best of both worlds the Frenglish am curious on how they will turn out. Oh Hello by the way and thank you for the welcome.
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