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  • Hello ddnene! Thank you so much, I look forward to being part of this EB family. I am excited I have a place to ask questions about my bully, she is a rescue so I am in need of lots of help.
    I'm hoping to adopt a 4 yr old female English bulldog named Roxy. I know they're good with children, but one thing concerns me. If my 2 yr old grandson runs and jumps on me,will she think she needs to protect me? What do I do to correct that behavior?
    Thanks been very busy w some personal issues but love your pic of your 2 beautiful Bullies thanks for birthday wishes

    Any suggestions re my one Eng bully Biggie he chews through door panels
    Thanks for the Birthday wish. Am I correct that this is Willows birthday also or was it someone elses dog?

    Nevermind I just seen your post about it being Wally's
    Thank you, dear Tracey, for your warm words & birthday greetings.

    Had a good day today, my son made a hummingbird cake for me
    & got me a Himalayan Salt Lamp (cleans the air) & a darling card.

    Cami got a hamburger, green beans & a bit of kibble for her special
    supper, we ate BBQ. Cami feels great, fighting yeast in her ears from
    the antibiotics but hasn't got worse & hoping clears up soon, using
    ACV & drops.

    Hoping y'all are well and having a great week-end...hugs n kisses! XOXO
    Hi Tracey. Well we are very glad to hear that Walter and Willow enjoyed their gifts. I will most definitely give Denise a hug and kiss as she was the one that selected them. Walter's gift was based on what our Bentley (aka "Ball Junkie") likes to play with. Although, you should see Bentley with his Varsity Ball...what a hoot.

    P.S. Happy New Year. --rj
    Thank you! I'm just glad she got it!!! I was in such a tizz!! Lol. Now if I could confirm my ornament was received for the ornament exchange...I'd be able to finally get some sleep haha!
    Love you, Honey...nothing much changes here, lol, so you're not missing a thang!

    Cami is great and I'm not too bad ;)

    Sending you & yours BIG LOVE.
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