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  • I adore the photo of the three of them together. Cute doesn't even begin to describe it.
    :butterfly: hey when you go to the smiley face you press more an there is tons of other cool things with the :butterfly: :hifive:
    :butterfly: hey its good to see people from PA on here theirs a couple of us. I love the pictures of your baby and his sisters. That was a big litter. You will love it here I'm already addicted.
    Hey there :) just popped by to say hello. My boy Billy is 11 weeks old on friday, he's been wit hus almost weeks and has turned life upside down...in a good way :love:
    That is going to be tough but i am sure the your dog will lick the salty tears, they find a way to make you feel better
    It will be neat to watch them grow up together, they are only 1 week apart in age. I had to work a twelve hour day it was killing me to be away from my kids and dog today. Haven't felt like this since we had a baby in the house.
    not sure how to tag you but you have to check out the photo's i just posted of the "bullfrog". Either check out my photo albums or go to forums under bulldog photos.
    We already can't imagine life without him. I have insomnia due to the amount of times he woke me up last night. He is the perfect mix of crazy puppy and cuddle bug.
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