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  • :catluv:
    My boxer Roxie is MY baby, but she's getting up there... 9 years old!!! Hey I LOVE cats too, but we don't have any right now... LOL
    I know and the worst part is I don't deal with the general public I deal with other insurance professionals so its almost worse. Working in a call centre I get on my boyfriend all the time about his phone etiquette (poor guy lol)
    I'm with you I would love to be able to see the scum bags who abuse their animals receive the same treatment. I'm not a fighter either but when you lay a finger on a dog I become a crazed lunatic myself
    Hey, I work for an insurance company, Aviva, so I know all about phone etiquette. I'm usually pretty good at maintaining my cool but when it comes to a dog being mistreated and hurt I lose it. I felt bad though, poor woman called in with a question and left with that.
    I can't stand when they call in on speaker phone and they can't understand what I am saying or when they call in and they're eating their lunch. It boggles my mind how people think thats acceptable.
    How's Momo doing?
    I think it's just horrible allergy season in the northeast.
    Blue now also have hives on his feet. It's gotta be the grass, pollen.
    nah, you don't sound like a nerd. but no, we don't collect them. we don't really collect anything anymore. trying to get rid of the stuff we do have.. lol
    Your threads inspired me to visit Gettysburg this weekend. We're only going overnight (Saturday-Sunday), and the only hotel we could find that has rooms available is 25 miles away. But we don't mind, and Blue's gonna have a ball at Gettysburg National Military Park. YES, THEY ALLOW DOGS.. WOOT! :D
    The lighthouse is easily one of my favorites too. What about the FIRST episode at the prison (that everyone goes to - can't think of the name). They caught an apparition ON TAPE!!! That's my favorite. Lighthouse is #2.

    Do you have Comcast? There's some old episodes on demand of a short lived show called "Paranormal Cops". I liked it!
    I love those old Ghost Hunters episodes! Back when everything was new and unique and genuinely scary. LOL I really like Grant more than I like Jason too -- and that's not helped them any with my fandom...although I still watch the show. I also used to like Chris --- so cute! -- but when she went to GHI and started acting like a Stepford Wife to that Irish Guy....I cooled. Plus - the English Guy on GHI asks the STUPIDEST questions during an EVP session.....

    But not as completely fucking stupid as those dickwads on Haunted Collector!!!!!!
    OOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That one sounds GOOD. Wait a min. I think I watched that...? Crap. They're all running together now......hahahahahahaha - but I am immediately going back to my DVR thing to record a rerun of it! iS IT GOOD???? *OH PLEASE BE A GOOD GHOSTIE SHOW* (prays)
    When people hit the heart button on your post, why do they do that? What does it mean? And why can't you see who pushed it?
    When I was a mod on the boxer forum we cringed and discouraged "ghost" viewers, people here seem to do it all the time...why not just log in?
    What is the purpose for having a Visitor section and a PM section? Why not just have a PM section?
    What does it mean when you "friend" someone on the website? Does that make it easier to talk to them?
    Here's just a few...(like Linda Richman on "Coffee talk" SNL, go discuss)
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