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  • Oh yeah, the episode where they are walking to the grave site drunk and Patsy falls into a pre-dug hole, OMG!
    I know, great memories. The Logo channel shows reruns all the time.
    My partner (love of my life) actually responded to my personals add only because I had written I was an AB Fab junkie. That's the power of Ab Fab
    I love it! That was a great episode! I'd have to say the one where they are in NY and Patsy is on the roof of some building, drinking Stoli and smoking when Eddie comes by in a helicopter. Patsy's telling Eddie to land helicopter on the roof because she can't find the stairs.
    Or the episode where they are in France and Eddie doesn't understand what the old guy is saying when he comes to the door so she just gives him money to go away, then Saffie explains the guys says they've been sleeping in the servants house the whole time.
    I love Ab Fab!
    What? You are my new bestie! I'm an Ab Fab nut. So glad you like it, too! Tell me what you favorite episode is!!!
    yes Marianne, I'm from Parkersburg WV. I have a bully named JDAM, we call her JD, DD, she answers to both. JD is 7 years old and a complete joy. We are her 4th home, the first was with a marine who had to be deployed and did not have anyone to keep her for him so went to another family with a baby that said she was jealous, and the third family are good friends of ours that already have 5, so they were just a temporary home until we took her. She was 2 years old by then. I have a grand daughter that is 10 months and she loves JD to death. She hugs and kisses JD all time and tries to crawl on her back and JD just lets her. No jealousy problems here. Unfortunately, she has dry eye in both eyes and seems to be going blind. I have never been so attached to an animal like I am with her.
    I really like this page for all the information you can find on here. Thank you for welcoming me.
    Thank you, Marianne, for keeping me in your thoughts. It's been a month since Brutus
    died & I'm just now able to speak about him w/out breaking down. Bullies get so deep
    in our hearts, unlike other breeds, it's difficult explaining that bond to NON bully owners.

    You're so kind to leave a msg...thank you and give Jenna a butt scratch from me! Carol
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