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  • So if Lisa gets to give the command to release the Kracken...then which God are you? (have you even seen the movie I'm referring to?)
    Are you serious? I got you beat, dude! I've got 10,000 questions but I'm afraid to ask cause I don't want someone to say..."go to this thread for this answer" "go to that thread for that answer" "ANOTHER question from bluesteelapd? WTF"
    notosmuch an introduction page but I did do a member spotlight once. It won't let me post the link here but if you go to that section you will see all of our spotlights.
    Well, I'm blowin the whistle on your gig unless you give a bio.....I'm just sayin....
    I hate writing about myself, too. I'm better if questions are asked that I can answer rather than rambling on and on about myself. So, which shall it be? Spanish inquisition? Balls in your court. LMAO
    LMAO.... I have not yet done a 'bio' (member spotlight)... they asked me a few times, but I really didslike talking about myself. I am sure they will back me to the wall soon since I am a Lead Mod... they just haven't noticed yet that I still have not completed it :D SSSSHHHHHHH do not tell them.

    Anywho, Chelios, is named after my boyfriends favorite ice hockey player 'Chris Chelios' (Jell-e-ous) the CH is not a K sound
    Just stopping in to say have a great day! It's snowing here again today and I think we already have 3-4" on the ground. It's going to melt fast though, 70's for the weekend. lol Toodles :hiya:
    lmao @ stalking you. That's funny!

    I barely have enough time in the day to sit here and post -- much less write a blog. Here, I'm hopefully helping Bulldogs - and that means a lot to me. I kinda "stalk" the behavior threads because I hope that someday a suggestion I make will help a dog! I'm not a professional dog handler or anything - but I do have two amazingly well behaved dogs now and my first bully, Mable was a dream come true dog. I just follow what Cesar Millan says to the letter. I worry that I start to sound like a snipey Cesar Clone (Stepford Cesar?) but what he says is for REAL. And the beauty of it is that it's so simple. These are dogs -- not a complicated creature - why should their care and well being be a complicated thing? It shouldn't.

    Anyway, there you have it. My philosophy in four lines. LOL

    How's your pup doing?
    Yes and No. Rhiannon is named after the Good Witch Rhiannon (in Celtic Folklore) and that's Stevie Nicks wrote the song about. :-)

    I can't wait to make more "pool party" vids in the back yard. Bea's favorite activity in the world is "swimming" in her pool. hee hee!
    Oh heck, it's not a biggie at all, well if we lock a thread it could be. I've put threads myself in the wrong spot and then I move them. :laugh:
    Nope! I noticed it this and even posted in the moderator's area this morning. Lol and I didn't without even trying I guess.....silly bottoms and big fingers.
    Hello Cowsmom and welcome if you are new...?
    That picture is ADORABLE! What kind of jacket does your baby have on? I love the colors.
    Thanks for the note, have a great weekend!
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