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    Paw Licking

    Okay, paw licking can be caused by many different things. I'll just mention the most common here. If this becomes troublesome, might be a good idea to talk to your vet. 1.) Environmental allergies - as it seems focused on the paws, this one can possibly come from certain types of weeds or...
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    New Owner - Food Advice

    My 3 dogs - 2 who died at age 13, and 1 who is currently 11 years old - prove your vet wrong. They are on Raw Meat Only nutrition. Also, humans don't "need" grains either. There are people on grain-free paleo, keto, and even carnivore diet for lifestyle and health reasons. The human body can...
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    Angus, the wonder dog.

    Y'all may have seen my post last year that my beloved dog, Angus, was diagnosed with cancer. He was diagnosed last July and the vet told us other dogs with his case usually only has a month or less before the cancer debilitates his internal organs causing his death. Well, it's been 6 months...
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    Newbie with 3 :)

    Love your bullies! They are adorable!
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    New Member!

    Super cute! My bulldogs ate ice for snacks. Doesn't add anything to their waistline.
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    Newcomer needing some advice!

    That normally happens right around the 3-year-old mark. Bella just decided to have a headstart on becoming a true English Bulldog and sit on her bum all day now. Don't take it personally. She's an EB, not a German Sheperd. She still loves you.
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    New member, food issues

    It could be that it's not his food but something environmental. In any case, might be worth it to shell out some money to get him an allergy test.
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    I’ve moved……

    WOW! Heaven on earth. I want to be you when I grow up. Can I move in with Angus?
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    If it's already a "Complete" pre-made raw, I wouldn't add anything to it unless it's just for occasional treats or to address a specific nutritional need. Adding stuff to it changes the nutritional balance of the "Complete" food and so you're putting a lot of money for an easy complete...
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    Angus has terminal cancer. 😭

    This is an amazing story that gives me a lot of hope! Thank you, thank you for sharing!
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    Angus has terminal cancer. 😭

    Today is December 8, 2021. And Angus is still the happy Angus that he's always been. I, for sure, thought the vet must've made a mistake with the scans. But, unfortunately, it's still cancer. And it's still all over his body. The vet is quite amazed that he is still alive, let alone having...
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    Angus has terminal cancer. 😭

    Today is a very hard day. Angus is my last surviving family dog. He turns 11 on Saturday. We took him to the vet after I noticed an enlargement of his belly and a lack of luster of his fur. He is still the same happy Angus albeit he tires so much quicker. But then he is an old dog now. The...
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    Raw feeding body smell?

    Unless he rolled in stinky stuff... the most common causes for odor is yeast infections, skin infections, anal gland infections. I suggest a vet visit. I've been feeding my dog Prey-Model Raw - from the human meat shop - for 10 years.
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    Are these issues food related?

    I wonder if something changed in the Fromm formulation... But it could also just be coincidence that when Samson's natural body defenses overcame the issue, it was also when he was transitioned to the whitefish and potato. In any case, glad that Samson is well again. Yeay.
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    Does someone know about royal canine ultamino dry food ?

    Regarding salmonella - a healthy dog will not have problems with salmonella even when ingested. Dogs have a more acidic gut than humans and that's why they can eat kibbles (salmonella and other bacteria can be present in commercial kibbles and other pet food, that's why humans are advised not...