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    Where’s there food there’s Jake

    I swear these guys' skin is so thick they just don't care to be poked! You got some wonderful dogs there Hels! And your property they get to roam is to die for.
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    Flea and Tick treatments

    Flea and tick prevention starts in the yard. We use diatomaceous earth on the dog run. Be careful with this because it also kills beneficial bugs for the garden. The way I set up my yard, I separated the dog run from the garden. For walks/activities outside, a 1:1 vinegar to water spray...
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    Missing my Boy

    Cancer sucks. May you find peace and comfort in these difficult times.
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    Why, Angus?

    I don't know why he likes to sleep halfway out of his bed... silly coot. Angus, the wonder dog, is 12 years old and still going. 13 months past his cancer diagnosis. Vet can't believe he's still with us. We didn't bother to pay for another scan. We can feel the cancer. But he's still the...
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    We got a new Bulldog. Sandy named him

    WHOA! I want that bully too!!!
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    Isabella ~ December 23/08 to July 16/22

    RIP Isabella. Your long life is testament to the dedicated love and care your pawrents have provided for you. Rest easy and chase rainbows.
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    Well, I couldn't focus on the bumps as she sits there looking pretty. :giggle:
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    Porkchop has passed

    I'm devastated by this news. It must be really difficult for you right now. I pray you find peace in his passing. My Gizmo and Bullie has been gone for a year and the pain of missing them are still sharp. Take your time to grieve knowing that you gave Porkchop the best life a bulldog can...
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    She’s a swimmer

    We had a doberman before the GS and neighborhood kids would tease him through the fence too. He was not a barker but he would stand by the fence all tensed up and growl with full teeth until we call him back. The full teeth display is why the kids tease him - silly kids! The doberman was very...
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    Chief and Louise

    I recommend kennel training.
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    Chief and Louise

    My dogs eat once a day most times, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes once in 2 days, sometimes they eat 4 lbs of food on Friday night and not eat again until Monday morning... PMR life is a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get when. LOL.
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    Who has the oldest bulldog?

    I win the oldest EBN Bulldog award. Bullie (in my profile pic) was 13 years and 1 month old when she passed away. Angus (I just posted a pic of him in the thread titled Off!) will turn 12 in a couple weeks. He got diagnosed with cancer a year ago and was told then that he only has at most a...
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    Oh don't get me started on his food. He now expects me to HAND FEED him his food. This old dog thinks his cancer will get him anything he wants. Unfortunately, he's right. :unsure: RIGHT? @TheLost is lost. Goner. :ROFLMAO: But then, I think everyone here is suffering from the same...
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    She’s a swimmer

    This makes me miss my German Shepherd. She never got a chance to go to the water but I'm fairly certain she would be a swimmer too. I named her Megabyte. These kids would tease her through the fence which makes her bark like crazy so I would call her back, "Byte!", the kids would think I'm...