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  • i buy our food from petflow.com the stores around us charge way too much for food.
    Hello Bullie friends,
    I don't claim to know everything about everything about Bulldogs, but I do know A LOT about lots of things about Bulldogs....and Arabian Horses also. Ask me. It is only my opinion also.
    Good Day~
    Another place to connect with us: facebook.com/ABEBD
    We look forward to your visit.
    I look forward to meeting more Bullie people. I have owned EBD for 5 1/2 years now and love them. Like tattoos, they are addicting. And both are expensive also. And both are permanent.
    Nice to meet all of you!
    Barry & Becky of ABEBD (Az)
    Good day to all Bully lovers here. I just joined and I look forward to getting to know more about you. While I am new here, I am not new to EBD's. My wife and I have 5 now and have been mesmorized by them for over 5 years now.:bully:
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