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Update on Henry, he has been on a single protein food, Zignature lamb and lentil for 2 weeks. No improvement, just a bit worse, shedding like crazy. Does anyone Think I should have him tested for Demodectic mange? The vet did a scraping in January for that and it came back negative, but maybe it wasn't accurate? Or does his rash look nothing like mange? (The pics I find are extreme cases) Also one of the circular bald spots he had on the top of his head has gotten more elongated and is red and raised now, feels like hard bump. I'm going to be taking him back to the vet tomorrow. Also looking into doing a raw food diet.

I would definitely get him tested again... if you can post any new pictures it may help.

I agree with Helene.... go raw if you are willing, I did with my guys and I can't believe the improvements