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He did not do the drawer test because his ACL is fully ruptured. This is why we decided to hold off on the surgery for a little while, to make sure it wasn't something else. He has not gotten better, so it is indeed the ACL. Because Koozer is still young, the vet is recommending the TPLO because that is the best surgery for active dogs. The cut bone will reposition the knee to prevent further injury. The vet is our regular vet and we trust him (thank goodness). There is a orthopedic surgeon that comes into the office to do the surgery, and he is VERY experienced with the TPLO surgery. I'm super nervous and have not been sleeping since we decided to have the surgery. Intellectually I know it's the best option, I'm just so scared to see my baby in pain. Koozer is a very healthy weight (60 pounds) and is rather tall for a bulldog. We keep him lean just so he wouldn't have joint problems down the road (that clearly didn't help this time). Thanks for all the advice and info. BTW, as far as we can tell, yes insurance covers the stem cell therapy. If not, our vet will work it in somehow, he says
So I think you are in good hands! My vet told me it happens all the time.... just like it happens in people. Very soon your baby will be back to normal and playing! The good thing is that his recovery will be during fall/winter where he can just stay at home and cuddle watching movies with you!

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Our insurance is Pet's Best, if anyone cares.
I am happy with Trupanion but I will look into Pet's Best too.