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Thread: Diarrhea

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    Default Re: Diarrhea

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan75208 View Post
    I just spoke to my vet and they suggested to change her food. They said that it doesnt sound serious. She hasnt lost any weight and she only had diaherra like one a week and there is no blood.

    A good dose of pepto bismol and slowly start to change out her food. I'm probably going with nature's varity Prairie dry food.
    I guess we all misinterpreted the original post. So just one diarrhea a week? This could be from something she ate (and should not have) too many treats as well. Make sure you don't give her treats like pupperonis and bacon things. It is all junk and very bad for the tummy. Make sure to switch her very slowly while switching foods, you cannot go wrong with Nature's Variety. Thanks for the update!

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    Default Re: Diarrhea

    I am slowing switching her food to Natural Varierty Prairie (thanks Gertie's Mom). I went to a speciality store since freaking Petsmart doesnt offer it. Shes been pooping fine so far and if she has another diarrhea problem we will be going straight to the VET and complaining .

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