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Thread: Winstons first puppy class...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheena View Post
    Haha thats great! Daisys on her 3rd class.. Believe it or not she was perfect with the leave it!!! I was amazed. She is the top dog in the class with being food motivated. They all laugh at her... lol And of course she is the only bully! And also she is perfect in class but when we get home she is like WTF are you doing mom when we work on training. Good luck
    Leave it just KILLS Winston... he's salivating the entire time!!! LOL

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    We used a harness for Bacon, the first day of class we had him in a collar and he spent the entire class lunging and choking himself. He was a lot better by the end but never mastered "leave it" it was not part of our class.

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