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Thread: Tutorial: Welcome New Members: About Our Forums & How They Work

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    Default Tutorial: Welcome New Members: About Our Forums & How They Work

    Hello! Welcome to the site. We are very happy you have joined us

    We are creating this tutorial for new members to try to simplify how to navigate our site.

    We are a website of information, fun pages, but we are mostly a forum, also known as a message board. It is similar to a facebook, but also different. You can post anything in the forums (almost ) and we have created several different boards for you to choose where your subject fits the best.

    If you click on the Forum tab at the top of the forums you will see many "boards" to choose from. All things bulldog, and even some for not bulldog too! We also have many created pages that are for information purposes, from shopping, available bulldogs for adoption, rescues, and more.

    To create a new topic, just click on "Forum" and choose which forum best suits your topic.

    Once there, hit the Post New Thread button. You will be taken to an editor to create your discussion.

    Once you create a new discussion, or post in an existing one, the topic (also known as a thread) will be displayed at the top of What's New, the Home page, and also on the "Community News" page. Each time someone replies to the topic, it will get 'bumped' to the top again.

    If you sign up for 4 Paw Membership, you can also create Blogs instead of posts if you wish. A Blog is an Online Journal~ or a diary, of your day to day experiences.

    The Community News page is for all the most recent news regarding our site. You will see all the most recent topics on this page. You will also see today's birthdays, who's online, our newest members (so you can send them a welcome message if you wish), and any news about our site.

    The Home Page is where you will find articles written by our site and great information regarding bulldogs and their care.

    Please check out all the site tutorials for all the other fun additions to the sites!
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    Default Re: Tutorial: Welcome New Members: About Our Forums & How They Work

    My husband had an English Bulldog when he was young. We lived abroad for 34 years, mostly in hot areas, the weather was not good for any pets with fur, therefore, we decided to have our first pet when we moved back to the States, and it has to be an English Bulldog. We spent a long time searching for his first dog's blood line, finally, we found it. Since Bulldog doesn't have a lot of puppies, the bloodline was almost finished, so we decided to have a good-looking one instead of following the bloodline. We finally found the father of Angus in a dog show.
    For me, I used to be afraid of dogs, it took us a long time to decide to have Angus, it's a commitment. Once I saw Angus, I fell in love, he changes my life and still does. He always stays under my desk when I'm working day or night, I move he moves. I love to hear him snoring, it keeps me company. Now, he is still here under my feet and snoring.

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    Default Re: Tutorial: Welcome New Members: About Our Forums & How They Work

    Helpful thanks

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