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Thread: Breeders 2015

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    Default Re: Breeders 2015

    Quote Originally Posted by g8erjackie View Post
    The "rare" color craze is driving me insane. They're cute sure, but I barely recognize them as Bulldogs. Also, from the research I've done, some of these rare colors go hand in hand with genetic abnormalities.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2BullyMama View Post
    You can also search on Bulldog Club of America site or AKC site and then do your homework and research. Good idea to stay away from the 'rare'.... not a good thing at all
    Agreed^^^ The BCA website will hopefully have a great show breeder near you.

    Quote Originally Posted by nycbullymama View Post
    Because the AKC is a piece of crap organization. But they don't set the standard, the Bulldog Club of America does here.

    Also, I read somewhere that by the 5th generation, these mixed breeds are considered purbred and can be registered with AKC. No idea how true it is but that's what I read.

    Worst part about all this is the merle gene that can cause a crap load of health issues.

    Anyone breeding for color should be fined, penalized, thrown in jail and castrated! OK, maybe that's going too far.
    None the less, these scabs on humanity's *** don't care about the betterment of the breed, all they care about is the money.
    Agreed^^^ I love the pups, -not their fault, but the breeders are POS!

    Quote Originally Posted by RiiSi View Post
    You're being only a little harsh....

    Got it. Our Kennel Club is totally different, quite the opposite, even thinking they're controlling the whole world dog breeding...They would never register anything than the breed standard. Then again they take word of the person doing the registering. I know of a white and black bulldog registered as brindle-white....
    Exactly, this is the ONLY way a tri color or any color can register in AKC. Only if they mark a different color, because NONE of those colors are on AKC papers.

    Quote Originally Posted by bully602 View Post
    Ok well I'm glad Im not the only one, if you know of a good breeder that breed big ole fat boys let me know. As far as the colors go, I don't mind them, I think they look pretty cool(didn't know about the gene stuff just solely speaking of the color) but to charge 2x,3x,4x,5x seems a DUMB, some of their heads and body structures seems really weird though too which makes me think something could be wrong with it
    Good luck! Hope you find the pup of your dreams!

    Everyday is a party when you own a bulldog!
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    Default Re: Breeders 2015

    Quote Originally Posted by bully602 View Post
    I live in Phoenix, Arizona. But I am not opposed to flying anywhere in the US to find the right pup, I have tons and tons of southwest reward points avail
    i believe @bullmama can help you. She lives a stone throw away from you.
    Hug your bully today

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