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Thread: Essentials

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    Quote Originally Posted by mammyglicks View Post
    One thing I would add is cornstarch for the bully wrinkles. especially since yours has a white face, got to take extra care of them!!

    Camera ready is essential. I have mine always ready to go, yes i carry it room to room either still or video you never know when they are going to do something precious and you'll want to share it with us. Well we want you too, lol.

    Bear's breeder had him on regular puppy chow, since i had done so much research I knew he could have problems so I got pre-emptive and switched him to a quality food right away. I haven't had any problems with his skin or coat so far.

    I had already planned on starting him on Fromm Gold Puppy ASAP as he is on a crappy food right now. Explain the cornstarch to me...clean the wrinkles and then put cornstarch in there to soak up moisture??

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    @wfd38383 Yes the cornstarch helps keep the wrinkles dry. I wipe the face off and put cornstarch in and helps keep it clean dry and white, essential with a white face puppy.

    When I first got Bear I switched him to Avoderm Puppy and it worked fabulously. I had no real cause to switch him to Fromm except everyone was having such good results and well I got pre-emptive again and switched him and my beagle to the same food. because it was the 4 star surf n turf it can be fed to any age. I think Fromm is a great choice to start him out with. Since the nearest store to me that sells Fromm is like 30 min I just have it on auto delivery with

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