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Thread: Are my Bulldogs thin ?

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    Thanks for all the good remarks guys. i tried the 1 feed a day yesterday, gave them a large meal at 7am in the morning and a small meaty bone in the evening around 6pm. This morning they were hungry as hell, even broke out into a fight over food which has never happen before. Will try this for another few days, if they start to vomit and stuff, I'll go back to twice a day.

    Also Ah-bo is the young puppy 8 month, so joint issue is a concern but Lily is near 2 years old so is it the same?. She is chunky but its all solid meat, where as Ah-bo feels quite fatty. Both are the same weight at the moment at 22kg

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    Quote Originally Posted by regassam View Post

    Just wanted to ask you guys whether my Bulldogs shape is correct, fat, thin or just about right.
    Ah-bo is the boy (Brown and white) 8 months old and weighs 22kg.
    Lily is my girl (White with dark eye patch) near 2 years old I think, weighs 22kg.

    Also at the moment they are fed raw twice a day, can I feed once a day and give them a bone treat in the evening?

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    I think their weight is perfect. You don't want to see them lose the little waistline they have but they have Wilson's build. He would look too thing if he lost more than a pound, he's 2 1/2. Emma's build is a bit broader too. Sally, she has more of the waistline that Lari & Bruce girl HRH has. Any more weight on her would not be good for her due to her age.

    Good looking kiddos you have there.
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