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Thread: 5 Weeks and Counting

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    mabel lou

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    Always remember that if a person thoroughly does their research into the EBD they will understand that the amount is all factored into what it takes to get a litter. If people want to get them cheap then they are certaily not ready for what possibly could come with a cheaper price and the cheaper price ones normally will end up with lots of unknown medical issues most generally, not a known fact but you kind of get what you pay for. When you understand and know the health of your bulldog and you breed to better the breed then an amount such as is an amount chosen from you saying my puppies are well worth that amount. I know a few breeders that breed each heat and their bulldogs have health issues and they definitely ask what your asking and higher. Her puppies may be older before she gets them sold and her price ends up going down but the people who buy them do not know of the health issues of the sires and dams of these puppies. So be an honest breeder and people will trust that the price they pay was well worth the puppy they bought. Good luck and god bless

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    Beautiful puppies! If it was me I would be keeping both Spot and Mo, they are all gorgious but those two would be the ones for me. Absolutely beautiful, all of them.

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