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Thread: Protein content and growing puppies.

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    Default Protein content and growing puppies.

    My EB is 4.5 months old and has been eating IAMs chicken puppy since he has been on kibble. His stool was always unpredictable and he was shedding and itching alot.

    I switched him over to kirkland lamb adult food for 10 days, but he recently had a bout of soft stool and vomitting. I also noticed that he has been itching more, but his stool has been awesome for the first 9 days.

    I wanted to switch him over to Taste of the Wild High Prarie all life stages, but I noticed of the recent post recommending against a high protein content for puppies. The protein content for this food is 32%, and I already opened the bag. Will it really be that detrimental to his growth? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Protein content and growing puppies.

    Everything we have found on this is hearsay, by bulldog owners and breeders. You will need to switch very gradually over to this food. Some places will allow you to return or exchange. If you cannot however, get some of the pacific stream and go 50/50 with the food. This is the only suggestion I have for you at the moment.

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    Default Re: Protein content and growing puppies.

    After doing alot of research, I read that English Bulldogs should only have a Protein content of 21-25%. I made the mistake prior to this of trying Maximus on Orijen, Canidae, and a few other brands that had a much higher Protein content - Orijen Puppy food has a whopping 40% Protein content - which caused Maximus to have explosive diarrhea. So I had to switch his food, and finally found FROMM Surf & Turf Grain Free dog food which is 30% Protein, which he seems to tolerate, and I also feed him CALIFORNIA NATURAL Grain-Free Lamb Meal which is 21% Protein. I also give him daily Probiotics and
    Digestive Enzymes, which eliminated his scratching, and his red skin and red bumps.

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