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I think that his face is a bit too pink and eyes too. Food allergy starts often not mmediately, but takes some time. You know, how many big bags of Acana I had to throw away? When we stayed in China they don't take food back. Usually I bought smaller bag, it seemed that food was ok, but when I bought a big bag (alas!), little piglet developed diarrhoea and red skin.
Pumpkin is very low- allergic, never ever in my life I heard of pumpkin intolerance. I think the cause is in Acana, his stools started to become loose because of something in Acana, you tried to correct his stools with pumpkin, but skin becomes redder not because of pumpkin, but because of accumulation of some component from Acana.
Loose stools is the first sign of food sensitivities- first intestines react to allergen, they get inflammation and try to protect themselves from food they "don't like" with the layer of mucus, absorption is affected and voila! You have loose stools. Skin reaction takes longer. The problem starts inside.
So, my opinion is that the food he is eating isn't suitable for him. Think realistically- to blame pumpkin, which has may be 5 components in it, or dogs food, which has zillion components?...I vote for dry food. And problem started before pumpkin!
Wasnt blaming the pumpkin. Asking if anyone has heard of pumpkin allergies as I never did.