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Thread: How do you know if you put your bullie on the "right" food?

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    Default Re: How do you know if you put your bullie on the "right" food?

    I did some research when I first joined here, immediately after bringing Gertie home. I talked to @Lindathedogsmaid too and finally decided to switch Gertie from Iams Puppy, which is what her breeder had been feeding her, to Nature's Variety Prairie. All went well so I also got Ida transitioned over to it too, and they've been on it ever since. They each get 1 1/4 cup in the am and 1 cup at night. They're healthy and growing nicely. We weighed Ida yesterday and she's 35 lbs. Gertie refuses to hold still enough to get weighed, but she's usually just a pound or two less than Ida.

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    Default Re: How do you know if you put your bullie on the "right" food?

    @Corinne0022 They say there is a link between potato and yeast growth. Which is a problem for us bully owners because we find that grain free greatly helpd their allergies but MOST grain free foods have potatoes in them. Natures Variety Instinct is grain free and potato free. After I swtiched to that from the other grain free foods that I had Samson on, that were very good but had potatoes in them, his chronic ear infections cleared up right away. It was amazing. I HIGHLY recommend you switch!!!

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    Default Re: How do you know if you put your bullie on the "right" food?

    try a food for at least 6 weeks -unless the dog is throwing it up or a obvious thing as the stains form the eyes. I would guess , fish might be a culprit for that dog. or if the dog has a white face . lots of problems there. try hydrogen peroxide on a paper towel. (careful to not get any in the eye) it works quickly !
    sadly 99 % of the food companies change the sources of the meats, and just because one dog hasn't had tear stains until now, means that there has been a change in the food, processing/sources ! large pet food companies that are to big will buy from what ever source they can for cheaper. all in due time. a smaller family owned company like FROMM will only buy from their reputable source. and they tell me that it is shipped in daily, and everything is inspected also daily. they only use vegetable and fruit sources for the vitamins in their food. they never use man made vitamins. the nutritionist is on hand for you to talk to any time that you call.and they have voluntarily signed up for the notify owners if any problems arise in or with any of their food! as has several others . the only other food that I would ever feed a Bulldog,---to guarantee that in 4 to 6 years they would/shouldn't have any internal organ failure!
    other than Fromm, is great 4life- or natures variety. (and they are not up to par with the pre and pro bitotics like the other two foods, and are balking at doing so .) they feel they have been around long enough not to need to . -- wrong- if it is not in writing in the guarantee !!! it may as well not be printed.
    because only a trace amount is likely in it . by law that's all that's necessary to list it.
    please keep the protein down around 30 or less. or look for hot spots to pop up any time. and often the bad stools are form an unbalance in protein levels or an intolerance to a protein. merrick is a good food too. but also not up to letting us know what temp it is cooked at or for how long. fish also upsets many bullies tummies. although I have had great luck with salmon and my gang.
    If you have a question regarding dog food, or behavior! call or e-mail me anytime.
    Linda Parks

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