Tucker has been on blue wilderness since I switched him from RC bulldog formula that the breeder had him on, at ~9 weeks. Tucker has done fairly well on blue wilderness, no skin issues, normal #2's, etc...; however, he is a very lean 38 pounds at just under 10 months. I know bullies grow up first and then out during year 2, but Tucker seems particularly thin. For a long time, I was not able to give him more than 1.5-1.75 cups per day or else he'd have trouble digesting it all and I would come home to a mess. Over the last month we have been able to bump his food up to around 2 cups a day, but he still isn't putting on any weight. I know Blue Wilderness is very rich in protein and is a little high in calcium. The plan was to start switching him once his bag runs low to the adult formula of either duck or salmon (he has had both of these treats and really likes them with no side effects).

Since moving, I have found a small high end dog shop that sells Fromm's near by. It seems to be the consensus that Fromms is the best of the best for most bullies. Will the slightly lower protein levels make much of a difference and are the ingredients all that different.

Has anyone switched from Blue Wilderness to Fromms and seen any major improvements in their bullies?