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Thread: Rx i/d food? Hernia? Mega-esophagus? Food intolerances?

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    Default Re: Rx i/d food? Hernia? Mega-esophagus? Food intolerances?

    Hello , I have lots of experience with the mega esophagus issue. I don't really think it matters so much what you feed it's how you feed. He's not gaining and won't gain till you change the way he eats. I feed mine call of the wild wild bore. I soak it in warm water for a minute then feed him with his bowl held in the air. The goal is to keep his head upwards and his neck straight up in the air so the food is forced down his neck past the sack that's in his neck. My vet took an ex ray and then showed me it. The reason he throws up is because when they swallow, it goes into a sack before the stomach and then throw it up. So nothing is reaching the stomach. That in turn makes them loose the weight and can't gain. I would change his way of feeding or get the baily chair. My vet said all I need to do is hold his bowl in the air with a slant to it the put only enough for a bit full and the he grabs the food and chews with his head up because he sees you have the bowl still in the air for his next bite. I have never giving him no meds for it. When I discovered the problem he was only weighting 40 pounds now he weights 55 and keeps it steady and no more throwing up.

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Rx i/d food? Hernia? Mega-esophagus? Food intolerances?

    @linda4568 thank you. We tried bailey chair and holding him upright while we feed him, but he hates it so much that it makes the vomiting worse. At this point with hand feeding him while he sits at my feet in front of me, we are able to keep the food down. He still regurgitates into his mouth but he still swallows it. He is on medicine to help with this. But he still isn't gaining any weight. He is popping enough. The vet says she thinks the GERD is causing to much acid and therefore he isn't getting any nutrition which is why he can't gain weight. Seeing the vet again early next week but I'm getting really discouraged. He has to eat food that is at least 75% moisture because of his dysfunctional sphincter but that is still pasty enough that it stays down. I've tried his previous hard food finely blended and soaked in water. I've even pre-made and chilled overnight then warmed in the microwave to take he chill off. None of that works. I'd like to try another canned food that is under $2 a can and that he doesn't have food tolerance to but I have no idea what he is intolerant to. Seems that the hydrolyzed protein diet is the ONLY thing that has ever kept his diarrhea under control. So I don't know where to start.
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    Default Re: Rx i/d food? Hernia? Mega-esophagus? Food intolerances?

    I have no experience on this condition, but when my boys are sick and can't eat I give them Nutri Gel. It's high in calories and nutrients. Being gel it absorbes fast and gives extra energy and nutrients fast and they can't really vomit it out. Can't they operate to help his condition? Hope he get's better.

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    Default Re: Rx i/d food? Hernia? Mega-esophagus? Food intolerances?

    I'm where you are and was just going to post something similar Bob is on Cisapride also and get's 1 prilosec in the morning. The only difference is we feed raw ground. It is dwindling down as to what he can eat. We're down to fish right now. Our vet has us sear the outside and flake it into small pieces. We've tried the Baily Chair too and he doesn't like it, but we make sure he gets treats and have eased him into the time he sits in it. I'm not saying he get's in every meal. You might want to try some boneless white fish in an elevated position. We have a high bowl about 1 foot high or if you have a step stool. We don't have a diagnosis yet. We've had ultrasound and x rays both say no mega e. Next test is the flora scope I think she said. We either have to travel to Philly or Maryland for that to see if it's a hernia. Good luck to you!!! I know how frustrating this is so if you ever want to chat, look me up Also wanted to add that we do acupuncture and that has helped some.

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