skin care

  1. PigDogLucky

    Not sure what these are????

    Hello all. My EB has recently been bitten and attacked by a German Shepherd. SMH 🤦‍♂️. I also was attacked in the process of pulling the mouth open of the German shepherd off of my dog neck. Then getting filet open myself. (All Bad) since then I patched lucky up stopped all bleeding and now here...
  2. H

    Help Needed! My bulldog has a wound that keeps bleeding, see post For info

    My bulldog has a wound/skin blemish between his ears on his head, we noticed it a few days ago when we saw his fur was turning brown (dry blood) so we cleaned it and it didn’t get any better. We have shaved a patch of his fur off to reveal the issue but we can’t put our finger on what the hell...