senior dogs

  1. RissaT

    Help Needed! Anesthesia/Dental work and senior bulldogs

    Hello everyone, I have a dilemma and thought this was the best place to get some advice. My Charlie is 10 years old; he has some kidney disease, arthritis, and is in blood pressure medication. He is a happy ham. I used to get him for dental cleanings and dental work in the past, but I have...
  2. MrMrsDevilDoc

    Anal gland removal

    Hello, My vet has recommended that my 10 year old female bulldog have her right anal gland removed. After 2 courses of antibiotics and an incision to drain it, the infection is still there. My vet says the gland is hard and the size of a marble. I am wondering if anyone else has had this...
  3. Lkane0322

    Senior Dog HELP PLEASE

    Hi everyone! I have not been on the forums in a while so let me introduce myself! My name is Lisa and my baby's name is Bailey. Except he isn't a baby anymore, he is 12 years old and will be 13 in April!!! I know how lucky I am but it doesn't make his decline any easier to handle. I am in...
  4. mcraven2

    The joy of adopting a senior

    So I've been thinking a lot recently about how amazing the past 4 months have been ever since we adopted Princess. She has made our "pack" complete. We have had our ups and downs with a few fights, but all in all it seems like the 3 of them are finally starting to feel comfortable and find their...