1. B


    I noticed this morning my English bulldog D Rock has what seems to be thinning hair around his neck. And dandruff He seems to be acting fine but I am concerned. The skin also seems to feel like a scab. What should my next course of action be.
  2. KingGeorgeTheBulldog


    Has anyone seen anything like this? We have a vet appointment Monday evening but I’m stressing out. I just noticed this lump on my dogs toe last night. It’s about 1/3 inch in diameter and protrudes. It had a black scab on it which I scratched at to make sure it was a tick or bug or something but...
  3. V

    Allergic to grass?

    Our bulldog has just turned one and this summer and last she has struggled with allergies. It got quite bad last summer which ended up with us taking her to the vet to have an injection. She has been scratching behind her front legs, chest and stomach (drags her stomach on the floor to scratch)...
  4. Laura M Velazquez

    Infected skin tag

    Has anyone had any experience dealing with skin tag or cysts? I’m taking Meilyr to vet because it seems his skin tag has gotten bigger or possibly infected. Today while cleaning it the scab came off. It seems to Bea cracking the skin tag or cyst. It had been nothing for the past year but started...
  5. N

    Skin issues, bald spots, scabs

    Hoping someone might have an answer. Nelly continues to have skin issues where she looks like a moth eaten rug. She is not uncomfortable, but it's unsightly and sometimes widespread. I'm going to try to attach photos. She breaks out with a scab on the skin which takes the fur with it when it...
  6. T

    Help Needed! Red Scab on Neck from Flea Meds causing Pyoderma also?

    My Franklin was diagnosed with Puppy Pyoderma on June 20th, prescribed antibiotic and shampoo. I was questioning giving him his needed dose of flea meds today, when I checked the area and realized he has a pretty big scab right where we apply the meds! I'm wondering if this is what caused the...
  7. hnhammond

    URGENT!!! Surgery for Interdigital Mass?

    Hi all! It's been ages since I've been on here. Matilda turns 4 tomorrow and has been perfect and healthy! Her allergies sometimes give us problems, but we've kept them under control. However, last week I noticed that one of her paws had a red cyst between the toes. She usually gets some paw...
  8. penguinspam

    Sores on Betty's Neck

    When we first got Betty, she had a scab on her neck that was in a clump of fur, my husband thought he accidently brushed it out one night because the next morning there was an oozy red sore there. We put peroxide and antiseptic cream on it, it turned into a hard black crusty scab, which fell...
  9. nayabully

    Hard scabs(?) on foot

    Hi everyone, Our little Naya is about 16 weeks, and we noticed she has a hard scab of some sort on one of her paws. I have attached a photo for reference. It feels like a scab, which is covered with fur. She doesn't yelp or anything when I touch it, and it doesn't seem to bother her. We have...
  10. S

    Help Needed! Desperate for help!!!!

    :please:I'm here hoping someone is familiar with some skin issues my bully has been experiencing and can possibly guide me in the right direction. I know bulldogs generally have a lot of skin problems but I am so stumped and frustrated and feeling super guilty about this one. I have two...
  11. Bellagirl

    Bulldog help

    I am new to this site but I could really use some help. My poor baby has bad allergies. We have her on the new medicine apaquel but she is still losing fur. She has the scab spots all over her again. I was wondering if anyone else has the same issues and if so what kind of dog food do you use. I...
  12. M

    Help Needed! Skin redness

    Hello, i am having some issues with my baby. Ziggy is 4 months and eating homecooked food after switching from breeder's royal canin. His food consist of a bit of brown rice, mashed beans, ground meat, coconut oil, some steamed veggies such as sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, green beans...
  13. J

    Staph infection keeps coming back

    Hi Everyone! About a month ago my 8-year-old EB, Mr. Winston developed a small staph infection on his back (scab about the size of a pencil eraser). My vet prescribed antibiotics and a prescription cream. Everything cleared up but then it came back in a new spot! Back to the vet for more...
  14. SMammers816

    General Question Scabs/Bumps - Had anyone seen this before?

    Hello All... I have just recently noticed that my boy Gunner has these little scabs or bumps on his coat. I was finding them yesterday when I was giving him a good scratch down. He is not covered in them, but the are sporadic, but enough that made me notice. They don't seem to bother him and his...