1. B

    1 week old puppy health problems

    hey yall, my name is Brooke. I am a new EB lover and just recently had my first litter last week . I had 4 healthy pups. My husband has taken time off work and is doing all our whelping . This morning i get a call from him in tears and he states one of our little girls might be sick!!!??? He...
  2. B

    Tear stains help!!!

    Hello everyone, does anyone have any remedies or products to remove tear stains? Kingā€™s stains are getting pretty bad. Thanks in advance
  3. H

    URGENT!!! Proper Care & Nutrition Advice Needed

    I have 3 beautiful english bulldogs. Angela-(32 months), Hestia-(7-1/2 months), Athena-(5-1/2 months). I am very confused about all the info on the internet. I have been feeding all three dogs Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Sweet Potato and Fish formula. All three eat twice a day as bag...
  4. baker1

    Its been too long !!!

    Hell all you wonderful bulldog lovers! It's been a while and for that I apologize, but I have some news to share! I finally got into breeding and it was the best experience. My reverse brindle girl, Sophie, was a great mom and the pups turned out wonderful. She was matched with a red and white...
  5. H

    Rocky Loves to go for rides

    Rocky is now 5 months old and is doing great.
  6. D

    Choosing the Pick of Litter

    I entered my question in this sub-forum because I wanted to get opinions from breeders and those familiar with the Bulldog standard. My family and I are counting down the days (nine now to be exact) until our little girl is born. We have reserved second pick of the litter behind the breeder...
  7. A

    General Question Puppy Vaccinations ?

    Hello to all Bulldog owners, I am doing some research and would like lots of responses. I am trying to find out what schedule is used for puppy vaccinations. If you own a Bulldog and got your dog as a puppy, or if you just got a puppy, when did you puppy get vaccinations. I am not so much...
  8. A

    Need puppy incubator quickly

    Hello, Does anyone in Arizona, California, Nevada, or western US have a puppy incubator that they would be willing to rent? A friend had a premature litter of Frenchies (yes, I know this is EBD here, but we can still help). They were born 5 days early, and out of 6, 3 have not made it. The pups...