1. KingGeorgeTheBulldog


    Hi everyone, I'm new here. Looking for tips or advice on what to feed my dog for his diarrhea. He was Neutered on Thursday and since Friday he has had diarrhea every 1-2 hours for the past four days now. Its just pure liquid. And I can tell hes starting to have a sore bum, because he will not...
  2. Kelley

    Urethral Prolapse

    So one of our bullies (7 months old) was diagnosed with urethral prolapse. It was the most awful thing to have to experience, as he prolapsed twice. His vet had actually never seen one in "real life" , so imagine our concern when we had to take him back 2 days later... Of all the conditions we...
  3. H

    Is it normal for EBD to be vocal and whining after neuter?

    Hello everyone. Hank just got home from being neutered this morning. The procedure went well and he did great. He's home now and is verrrrryyy whiny and vocal, which is not like him at all. Is this normal? They gave him a pain injection before he left. he is still a bit groggy. We can't give him...