1. M

    Elongated palate questions

    Hi everyone, new to this site and I have 2 awesome English bulldogs. One is as healthy as can be and the other has had some health issues. The one has had the soft palate and mares surgery done back in the summer and we were hoping I.T would help with her breathing problems. Unfortunately she...
  2. P

    My Belle is not feeling well

    Hi all. We are new here. I have just purchased my baby Belle who is 2.5 months old on Thursday. Since then she had a clean bill of health and all vaccines up to date and she was fine friday but Saturday she started this dry heaving and then a gag at the end but no vomit. She has a bet appt...
  3. Vikinggirl

    4 Tips That Could Save Your Bullies Life

    Know your emergency contactYou never know what is going to happen. Just the other day I saw my Bulldog smackin’ on a AA-battery that came out of an Xbox controller. Luckily, he didn’t get into any of the toxins contained inside or even worse – he could have swallowed the whole dang thing. But if...
  4. Bambi

    Second bout of diarrhea in two months

    Sorry this is going to be a long one - I want to give you all the whole back story. Since day one with Odin his belly has never been right. He had diarrhea as a puppy, had a bout at the Emergency Vet from vomiting and diarrhea at 12 weeks old - diagnosed as gastritis. As a result of that we...

    Guess What Vegas did..Oh yes he did!!

    Sooo, today was nail day, had to take Vegas to Petsmart to get nails dremeled. Yesterday was bath, ear flush, anal glands and tail pocket day. Total "Spa" Weekend right?? Ohhh NO. Today took him to get nails done, all was well, took him, everything great. Brought him home, got a drink of water...
  6. Cali Doll

    Should I be concerned that my bully doesn't chew her food?

    She just inhales it. Really. Just now, she had a very holy terror puppy moment where she was jumping, biting everything, barking, running around in circles, biting some more, etc...then she started heaving and her breakfast came up. It was all completely whole (and obviously wet). Concerning?
  7. Miss Lola

    Stoned on Pot

    Well the other night ended up with a trip to the emergency Vet Hospital in the next town over thinking Lola was dying. The started getting lethargic then she started to shake from side to side while her paws went out from under her. I thought she was having a seizure. She then fell over and went...