english bulldog puppy

  1. LylaEBD

    Toilet training nightmare! Help!

    Hi, We have a gorgeous 1 year old English Bulldog Bitch that we have had since an 8 week old pup. She has always slept in a cage/ penn. She uses bells to tell us when she want to go out. She wee’s and poops in the garden with no issues. Now to the bad part…. We cannot get her to stop weeing and...
  2. J3r3myyy

    New parent to the English bulldog family.

    My pretty boy's name is Thor:) hello everyone!
  3. K

    Damu is in need of surgery!

    Hello everyone! I’m a 4 month old EB with a broken growth plate 😢…… I live in Texas, my mommy started a go fund me for my surgery and is in desperate need of help… We are wondering if everyone could share or even help us with our go fund me… I understand there’s a lot of scammers out there so my...
  4. M

    Please someone help me!

    My little English bully has been suffering with a respiratory infection for approximately 5 weeks now, the first course of antibiotics had worked wonders, she was still a bit noisy so the vet gave an extra week of antibiotics. After that week she was seen by another vet in the same practice and...
  5. P

    Howdy from Diesel and Tank

    Howdy! We just joined and look forward to learning new things and meeting all of you. Diesel is our 2 year Olde English Bulldogge and the newest addition Tank is our 6 week old English Bulldog. Diesel really needed a friend so that's when we found Tank. So far they have that big brother/little...
  6. B


    Hello everyone! I joined this forum with a new account as I used to have an account called Boka the Sweet Heart until she passed away 4 years ago. Recently we lost our sweet Pitbull of 12 years to a heart murmur and our Rhodesian Ridgeback is very lonely because he has been with our boy for 8...
  7. L

    Updated Pics of Lucy Liu at 12 Months

    Love how my girl is turning out. She’s getting thicker, has good structure, great movement and is very athletic to my surprise.
  8. B

    Acne or bumps on my puppy

    Hello fellow bully friends, I have a 9 week old puppy. I clean my his face everyday and dry it right after. I have been noticing redbbumps that look like pimples near his nose, on his chin, and inside his folds. He uses stainless steel bowls. I just don’t know what it could be from. Does anybody...
  9. B

    Vitamins & Supplements

    Hello fellow bully friends, I have an 8 week old puppy and I'm wondering what is the best vitamins and supplements for him, such as for his joints and things of that nature. Thanks in advance
  10. B


    Hello guys, I have an English Bulldog puppy who is 8 weeks old I would like to know what is a good pet insurance to get him? Thanks in advance.
  11. B


    I just purchased my English Bulldog who is 12 weeks old, and all of sudden this popped up on his face. I think it is a histiocytoma. I'm worried about it near his eye, does anyone have any advice or suggestions