Help Needed! 3,5 months food

    Hello Guys, I need help to feed my rose :(, I was currently eating pro plan puppy, it started to fall badly and I want to change its food, I would like to change by origin or acana, but in my country there are few options, does not exist acana or origin puppy, I have these options what do you...
  2. Hankster

    Acana wild Atlantic Regionals

    I would like to use this one again for Hanks 'dry' portion this month as he did great on it previously. My question is...Are we still having 'fish' mercury? issues these days? It's got 5 stars (even usa) on dogfoodadvisor so I'm thinking it would be ok for the month?? Opinions please :)...
  3. rjisaterp

    Hurricane Now Tropical Storm Hermine

    Hermine now a tropical storm is marching up the Atlantic coast now off of Virginia Beach. The outer bands are now here in Maryland overhead at my house in Central Maryland. The wind has picked up with the trees swaying back and forth. We do hope and pray all and their bullies a well as...
  4. N

    Florida - Ponte Vedra Beach House rental.

    On our way back home, we decided to stay a few days in Northern Florida. It's a little cooler than the keys, and very laid back. In fact, there's nothing really going on in this area. No bars, no restaurants, it's just all about relaxing. So if coming here, be sure to stock up on the...
  5. bullmama

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~RASCAL~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in NJ/Mid Atlantic area

    About Rascal This is Rascal, my English Bulldog foster. He was an owner surrender. This poor dog came with what we thought were "allergies" according to the owner, however, his anal glands had abscessed and ruptured. He was dripping fecal matter and blood, for who knows how long. His rear end...