1. Dakotarosekennels

    Hello! New member - Question On face wrinkles-sharing my famous CANINE CALM essential oil blend/howtoCOLLAR PENDANTS

    Hello everyone! I joined to seek answers for a friend who owns an EB about her dogā€™s facial wrinkle woes and I see this page is such a friendly wealth of info far beyond that and couldnā€™t resist! So here I am. I have two Frenchies CLU and TRIP Whom I show and love too obviously lol! I also have...
  2. bulldogs1501

    Please Help - Puppy Blues??

    Hi everyone, I am new to the website. I have been an emotional wreck the last 4 days, not eating or sleeping. I have been in love with bulldogs for the last 10 years, watching every youtube video, following every instagram account and over the last year driving 50 miles just to pick up my...
  3. BullyPotato

    Diarrhea when taking bully to new places?

    Hello Bulldog Friends - Ever since Tater was a puppy, whenever we take him to new places, he almost always gets loose stool or diarrhea. I remember the first time we took him into Lowes when he was a young pup he walked around fine for a bit and then all of a sudden pooped in the middle of the...
  4. BullyPotato

    Magnesium for Anxiety/ Stress/ Aggression?

    Has anyone heard of using Magnesium as supplement for support with anxiety/ stress/ aggression etc issues? A woman I briefly met with last weekend who works with aggressive shelter dogs swore it works to help calm many dogs she's worked with but I couldn't find much information on it (for this...
  5. Sheena

    What do you guys use for anxiety issues?

    I know there are sprays, pills, collars, cookies and chews. Ive tried the collar and Lavender aromatherapy. I did paxil, but I hate having her on a pill everyday if she doesnt have anxiety all the time. She needs it for car rides and vet trips. What do you guys use that actually works???