1. A

    Introducing a new littermate to an adult male

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to get some input on knowing when the right time is to introduce a puppy. Cooper is now a little over a year old and loves other dogs and people. Our “breeder” recommended we purchase another puppy for him before he is 2 years old. Is that a hard and fast rule? I’m in...
  2. Alaska S

    Hello from Alaska in North Carolina

    This is our buddy Alaska, he's surprisingly active and great with our 1 year old son.
  3. Alaska S

    Help Needed! Puking and marking

    Our dog Alaska is over a year and a half old now. We love him to death but he has two issues that we need help with. 1. Puking. We have to give him very small amounts of water at a time so he doesn't regurgitate it right back up. We also can't give him food and water together or else he'll...
  4. Lalaloopsie

    Unexpected snow fun

    All of a sudden last week we got quite a bit of snow. It is gone already but I want to share couple of pics of Tank in the snow. Feels like I'm in Alaska!
  5. punky

    just wondering if anyone has experienced this

    i mentioned earlier that i am dog sitting for my stepsons dog and how he is very picky with her.. and he won't let anyone watch her except his dad and I.. well, this whole time i was worried that he was going to miss her to much so i'm sending a picture of her everyday he is on vacation.. mind...