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    And so it continues

    Hi sorry to hear Geoff is having problems at the moment but believe me we DO no exactly how it feels :rolleyes: Wesley is 10 month old and had kennel cough early on and then has an on going limp which are monitoring which after xrays has been diagnosed as slight elbow dysplasia and he has also...
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    Lump in fergies under belly

    Heartbroken reading this whole thread through, so sorry you are going through this again so soon after losing another. We lost our first bully Dudley during lockdown so really do know how you feel. Wesley sends hugs for Fergie
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    Nustock uk

    Don’t worry about the scabs, i would give it a gentle wash/dry and apply NuStock, as I mentioned before get some Hibiscrub if you don’t already have some, great for cleaning/sterilising wounds :giggle:
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    Winston’s Cushings Disease (pictures attached)

    Hi there, is there any update on Winston? Hope his condition is getting better.
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    Hives or allergic reaction??

    Good to hear you have hopefully got on top of this and your little boy is feeling more comfortable :giggle: I do have to say we know exactly how you feel when you talked about “living at the vets” We had the same with our previous bully Dudley and our current one Wesley, you just seem to get...
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    URGENT!!! Bulldog Puppy!!!

    Sorry I’m late with any advice too but we have a 9 month old puppy Wesley and we went through the same thing as you when we first brought him home thinking his back legs were slightly weak but they were perfectly ok.
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    Gilbert had surgery

    Fantastic photo, gorgeous boy! Glad hes home and it all went well.
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    OK EBN PEEPS……message….

    Good luck on your new venture! Sounds exciting!
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    Nustock uk

    Not sure if you already have some but “Hibiscrub” is also very good, you only need a very weak solution and very good for cleaning but dont use too often because it can dry the skin out. Our vet gave Wesleys hotspots on his face a real good wash with it and also removed all the matted fur and...
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    Nustock uk

    We actually emptied the tube into a jar because its much easier to mix
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    Wesleys tired after a late night

    Eventually he calms down :giggle:
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    Well, we have officially declared Dozer…

    That is just fantastic to hear! Such a handsome boy and how lucky you decided to you the “hemp and snout”
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    Here’s a unique little guy…

    I cant view the photo :nope: i can now ! :giggle:
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    Mona Bonehead

    Gorgeous girl! As already stated no matter what you might read there is no “average” when it comes to bully’s :) and generally there heads widen when they are older.