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    Well, lets be honest here...they are ALL beautiful :love:
    Thanks so much for the lovely picture comments :D Lucy is a beautiful baby :heart: She has actually won EBN most Beautiful Girl 2 years running :love: Buudy..@Davidh's boy is most handsome Male and Lucy's main squeeze LOL

    Petunia is so sweet..I think Lucy will have competition on next years awards :eek:
    I take sprigs of lavender (you can buy them cheap at Wal-mart or Lowes), maybe 3 good sized ones and I get a pan with about 1 gallon of water in it and boil it. I put the sprigs of lavender in the boiling water and let it go to a full rolling boil. Then turn off the burner and let it sit until it cools down. Put about 5 to ten drops of essence of lavender oil (can be bought in the natural store for a few bucks) in the water also. Let all this cool. Get a 32 oz spray bottle (or any good spray bottle you have) and fill it with the water, spray it on your bullies every few days, make sure you get their paws too. You can also use the entire gallon as a bath for your bullies; drawa bath with a few gallons of warm water and pour the gallon in it. I use the spray once or twice a week not only to repel the insects but to spruce up my bullies because we just love the smell of lavender. A friend of mine uses lemongrass in the same manner I have mentioned above. Good luck. Your bully is a beauty.
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