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    All the bulldog issues...

    I was just seeing if anyone's bulldog has had all of the Bulldog issues. It's just me and my sweet boy. He's 3.5 years old and I just want him to be healthy. He's had 2 cherry eye surgeries 3 prolapsed urethra surgeries (he was fixed in Jan 2020, 2 more prolapse 2022) 1 stenotic nare surgery 1...
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    Isabella ~ December 23/08 to July 16/22

    I'm so sorry for your loss 💔 I love that she was 13.5, so many great years with the sweet girl. 🙏🏼
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    Prolapsed Urethra

    Thanks. I will check it out. 😀
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    Prolapsed Urethra

    He was neutered in Jan of 2020 during the 1st prolapse repair. He has a ton of energy, especially for a bulldog, and they are recommending I put him on anxiety meds once he heals to prevent a 3rd prolapse. It's been a very long 10 days of recovery this time, although he seems normal in all other...
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    Prolapsed Urethra

    Hello, I'm new to this thread/site but so happy to have found it. I Google for hours sometimes on my English Bulldog. My most recent issue is my 3 y/o English bulldog, Rocco, had prolapsed urethra surgery for the second time on July 1, 2022. The first time was January 3, 2020. Rocco came home...