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    Male dog Pestering female dog

    So bear is completely obsessed with my sisters dog Emma, he is still un-neutered and Emma was fixed when she was about 1 1/2 she's now 5. Bear goes up to her and will shove his face in her privates and lick, she hates it and will growl, snap and run from him. He won't stop until we get on to him...
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    Bear got stung by a wasp

    Bear is good!! He hasn't sown any symptoms aside from the first things I had mentioned, he was back to being a little spaz in no time 🤣 thank you all for the help I was looking for our bottle of Benadryl but I couldn't find it so I'm glad it was not needed. I'm thinking of making an emergency...
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    Bear got stung by a wasp

    So I just let bear outside along with our other dog Emma, I wasn't paying attention but I looked over and thought he was playing with a piece of grass because that the kind of stuff he does but it kind of registered that it was a little red wasp and before I could even think it moved and flew...
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    Fussy eating

    Have you taken him to the vet for them to check him over? Our pup wouldn't eat only when something was medically wrong with him. If nothing comes from the vet then maybe see about switching his food up to keep it exciting! Even try meal toppers, anything from plain yogurt to no sodium broth even...
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    Back and better

    It has been a hot minute since I've been on the forum, don't worry nothing bad has happened my sister finally moved in! College has started, bear is now humping and we have to get ready for the holidays, my aunts birthday and my cousins wedding are coming around in October so that's exciting...
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    Issue with Tapatalk

    Is anyone else having an issue with the Tapatalk app? I'm not able to post or even see the forum I'm using the website on my phone but I admit I'm not quite as savvy on this lol.
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    Wesley’s acting like “ jekyll and hyde” !!

    Bear is going through something similar!! Whenever me and him are on the same level, (floor, bed, couch) he thinks it's go time and will relentlessly attack my hands and arms until I have to yell at him to stop, it's so bad he even tries to go at my face :( so we don't really let him on the...
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    General Question Overexcitable

    This is Gilbert! I am going to talk to our vet next week about you think this is Gilbert's issue as well (anxiety and/or palate)? Since I switched him to Acana single protein his weight has been a steady 57lbs and then went down to 55 when started him on goats milk as a topper. He...
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    General Question Overexcitable

    So bear loves strangers and other dogs which is a given for this breed however he seems to get too overexcited when he meets his "friends" I'm fully aware of his breathing issues as our vet has spoken to us regarding elongated soft palate surgery however she isn't comfortable doing the surgery...
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    Nose Treatment - Paw Butter?

    I second this brand! We have some for bear and even use it on his paws!! It works great [emoji4] Please ignore bear trying to eat it [emoji1787][emoji1787]
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    Dog Beach Time

    Looks great! How did he do? We’re wanting to take bear to the beach but before that I wanted to do more a research on it for him lol
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    Newbie from Scotland

    He looks like you owe him money [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] he’s adorable and welcome!!
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    Reunited and it feels so good!

    It was so hard! But we went from Texas to Utah in the car and I didn’t want to put him through that much driving!! 24 hours there and back with pit stops and resting!!
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    Reunited and it feels so good!

    I have returned! My trip was wonderful and I had a great time however I missed my bear more and more every day! I got back on Wednesday and it’s been a bit in high gear so I’m just now being able to stop and post pictures of the chunk. He’s officially 5 months old and a hefty 32.6 pounds! Our...
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    Introducing bulldog to new baby!

    Hey! While I don’t know much about babies I do know about jealous dogs!! When you start getting stuff for the baby and eventually bringing them home get “gifts” for the pup anything from treats to toys to an extra bit of play time. Make sure the dog is apart of everything they possibly can...