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    Advice please!

    Thanks 🙏🏻
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    Advice please!

    I can’t help you with that sorry but As long as I remember I always wiped my dog butt since he sit in the sofa with us 😅
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    Essential oils

    Omg I bought a spray to help my Sichuan pee in the pad it was essential oil. On the box didn’t say what was it exactly but I recognized the smell It smelled like sage. Anyway my dog that night was shaking uncontrollably and vomiting as he was poisoned. I thrown the spray right away because it...
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    Tear stain/runny eyes CLEARED UP!!

    Thanks for sharing everyone!! Great tips
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    HELP! My dog eats his poop 💩

    I’ll try that. Will get back to you. Thank you
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    HELP! My dog eats his poop 💩

    Hello This would be my first post in here. I hate to start with disgusting topic but I’m lost in here and I really need help. I have multiple problems as he my first and I’m still learning my way through it so please feel free to give me any advice as you read on my post. Sichuan ( 3 months...