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    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    I’m glad that documenting Curlz journey inspired you to do the same. It truly helped me psychologically “journal” everything, esp. since Stu was unable to fly home during the treatments (the military restricted him from flying at the start of the pandemic/the entire time Curlz was in treatment)...
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    Oh Joey

    We call them the crazy eyes! When we lived on the mountain in Colorado, I would call her. She would look at me, look the other direction, then me again and bolt. Almost like a 3 year old child 😂 one time she got the zoomies and there was snow on the mountain. She decided to bolt, run down a...
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    Oh Joey

    I keep dabbling on and off of here, popping in when I see an email that I can give advice to after my long journey with Curly. I do have another EB (if some of you remember) and my goodness is she the polar opposite of Curly. Curly was super laid back, minded his own business, only really wanted...
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    A lot of good points covered already from food and medication here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like your vet knows the breed very well and it might be helpful to look for a vet that has a lot of experience with bulldogs. I especially want to mention this because even low dosage of steroids...
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    Large patches of hair missing

    My one bulldog was allergic to cats and our cat would cause "seasonal" alopecia, but it was truly year round. Giving him fish oil pill daily really helped with growing the fur back. My other bulldog lost his fur due to over usage of steroids (he had cancer) and he was diagnosed with calcinosis...
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    English Bulldogs and High Elevation

    We lived at 8700’ in Colorado for years. We moved there with our English Bulldog from VA and had no issues with the elevation. We also took him to multiple times Yosemite from LA with no issues too. After he passed, we got Joey and she was a Cali puppy. She stayed in Cali until she was 6...
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    Jewel's Trip To The ER

    Hi Roger, I hope Jewels is on the mend soon! With love, Nu and Stu BTW Stu retires on Feb 11th! Long time coming. We are back in LA now - moved off the mountain and back to civilization
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    And so it continues

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on but this post popped up in my email. My guy who passed had cancer and was put on steroids during treatment. he started losing fur on his back, similar to the pictures you posted. We found out that EBs are very susceptible to Calcinosis Cutis when they are...
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    Dry tongue

    The climate I live in is very dry - like people frequently get nose bleeds from the dryness when they visit, which is why I have a heightened concern. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Mild Vaginitis

    I have seen goat's milk at whole foods, not sure if it's raw. I'll give that a go... Think I can add cranberries to her homemade food vs pills? Or will pill form be better since it is more concentrated? Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Dry tongue

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    Mild Vaginitis

    Jojo was diagnosed with mild vaginitis today. Earlier before calling/going to the vet, after she peed, I saw a really long light green strip of mucus hanging from her girl bits. Jo went into heat early and was spayed sometime after 5 months. She is 8 months now. When I called the vet, she asked...
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    Dry tongue

    2BullyMama that's what I've been doing now but she loves to sleep with it hanging out so I worry about the overnight factor. Perhaps I'll just "oil up" her tongue before we go to sleep. "Oiling up" sounds so funny [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Dry tongue

    Hi all! So JoJo is now on the mountain with me and we did great in integrating her with our great Dane and Boston terrier/pug (Bugg) mix. She has been here for a couple weeks now and the house is so noisy with all the Great Dane and English Bulldog play. Our bugg is an old lady, so she doesn't...
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    Kadet Dutchess Jody is heading to CO

    Target typically has it. I know I saw some at my last visit there a few weeks ago Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk