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    My new girl

    Hi and welcome! She's a beautiful girl. Enjoy your time here!
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    Thank You EBN

    That is a lovely way to memorialize your baby. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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    Merry Christmas! Thank you to our Secret Santa Murphy!

    I hope Murphy received all of his gifts. The blanket looks fantastic.
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    Merry Christmas! Thank you for my ornament!

    Thank you for my very first Frenchy ornament @2BullyMama I love it!
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    Merry Christmas! Thank you to our Secret Santa Murphy!

    This is Ian's first Christmas so he is loving the part of the gifts. Now he thinks every delivery is for him. I didn't get video but here are some cute pics. His favorite gift is the Peanut Butter Bone. Thank you to Murphy!
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    They ripped my heart out

    I am going through the same thing at this time. I lost my beautiful boy on Thursday and the pain and emptiness is overwhelming. Know that you are not alone and I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I highly recommend the book Bill at The Rainbow Bridge, it helps even just a little bit...
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    Goodbye is the hardest part...Rest In Peace Nigel

    My beautiful boy is gone. We had to say goodbye early morning yesterday. It looked like bloat My heart is shattered and the joy he gave me is now gone. He passed with me and my husband and kids around him. We said our goodbyes and let him know what a good boy he was and how much we loved him...
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    Happy Birfday to Me

    Happy Birthday Harlea! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of toys and treats!
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    OMG! Too cute! We are looking to add a baby frenchy brother and hope Nigel will do well with it. We'd love to rescue but get turned down since Nigel is not fixed. He's just turned 9 and I never had him fixed and don't want to take the risk now. Keep posting pics cause they grow so fast!
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    Article: November Bulldog of the Month Winners!!!!

    Congratulations to you both! Love it!
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    We had some more puppies!! :D

    Gorgeous Babies!
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    Happy 4th Birthday Willow...

    Happy Birthday Willow!